State of the Markets: #150 William Je – Fintech Investor

04/29/22 05:17 PM

bitcoin-over-chinese-banknote-renminbi-2021-08-29-07-40-06-utc-scaled (1).jpg

William shared his thoughts about the development and regulation of cryptocurrencies and its impact on democracy in China.


Tim Price:

Director of Price Value Partners. It provides services that include managing a global portfolio of Ben Graham-style specialist value managers and value stocks. They also offer diversified service, capital preservation and growth strategies in the form of managed accounts.

Paul Rodriguez:

Paul Rodriguez formerly ran a highly popular evening programme at London Universities on technical analysis before improving the course for He has a reputation as running the best and most enjoyable course in the City. Places are now limited to ensure maximum class benefits. He is a frequent commentator on Bloomberg TV, CNBC, Reuters TV and other high quality news and information channels.

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